Anonymous asked:

Wouldn't it be crazy if you were like good friends with one of the guys and you were scrolling through their tag on tumblr for fun with them and you come across a smut and he's like "yo let's read it it'll be funny" and then you read it and you both kind of get horny and end up re-enacting it?

girlinsky answered:


like imagine you and johnson are goofing around and you’re showing him what tumblr is and you show him the search engine and he decides to type in his name and there’s a TON of edits of him as a vampire that are so detailed and then some goofy ones of him with jamaican dreads and shit like that and you’re both laughing your asses off and y’all come across an imagine about him eating a girl out while she’s tied to the bed and y’all decide to read it and by the end of it, you can feel your panties being soaked and johnson tries to discreetly hide his boner and you just kind of laugh it off because you’ve seen him get a boner plenty of times but he’s just staring at you with dilated, lust-filled baby blues and you can just sense the change in the atmosphere and he just asks, “you up for it, y/n?” and you just kind of nod a little bit and before you both know it, you’re naked and tied to the bed with some of your scarves and johnson is just eating you out so teasingly and then when you’ve orgasmed and calmed down, you get him to untie you and then you pounce on him and suck him off as a token of gratitude and when it’s all said and done, your both just lying on your bed and johnson randomly says, “we need to find more fantasies to do.” and you just nod lazily in agreement.



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